We’ve seen you push yourself beyond your limits, you putting a smile on your face even though you’re tired and sick, we’ve seen the disappointment and frustration on your face when you couldn’t dance during one concert. So for you to personally come out and explain that you need this time off to take care of your health, it says a lot about your condition. because i’m 10000% sure that if you could be on stage, smiling and performing for your fans, you would be.  But I’m glad that you’re taking the time off, focusing on your health, putting yourself first for once. 

All those times you had wet hair at the airport (probably because you were trying to get as much sleep as possible and got ready the last minute), you getting skinnier and skinnier, all those times you’ve had to face your fears of heights, the fatigue in your eyes, it’s hard for a fan to watch and not being able to do anything about it. We want you smiling that gummy smile, laughing your jaws off, showing off your thousand eye wrinkles and the spark in your eyes, being healthy and happy always. So I hope you take all the time you need to recuperate and get better. Come back to us healthy and strong. <3

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Sehun’s lips biting ಥ_ಥ

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sehun eating red jelly bean candy (。⌒∀⌒)ノ
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iris with kris do not edit

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Long-haired predebut kris was fucking beautiful please do this with your hair again I beg you.

Do not edit or repost.

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